Monday, 25 May 2009

Poole, United Kingdom (by Dhanie)

i wake up early today because i slept early last nite. the first place that i went is at the kitchen... i dunno why i went there first. im not hungry at all but i jz wanted to go there.. then i saw my aunt was preparing the food in the kitchen. then i asked her why she put the food in the tupperwear. then she said that we are going fer a picnic at Poole or Bournemouth, UK. It is located 3 hours from London. So i went upstairs (3th floor) to get ready. The first place that we went is at Poole park. it was very beautiful park because the grass is very nice. the view is beautiful but the beach did not attract meat all... we have a picnic the park. after about 1 hour (act im not so sure bout the time), we went to the Poole Quay which is not far from the park. this place is beautiful. there were lots of boats there. many tourist was having their holiday there. the most things that attract me at UK is the car and dogs. we can see many sports cars and very2 cute dogs here. at first, im afraid of dogs but now im not afraid of it. it is because there are so many dogs here and the dogs here did not disturb u like Malaysia dogs. one funny situation that happened to me that day was when i and my cousin, Sarah went to the Poole beach. there was a small cute white dog came to us. then i quckly run away frm the dog. the dog went to his/her owner back. then i came back to the place that i sat jznow, then the dog's owner asked me ' r you afraid of the small dog?' then i said 'yes'. he laughed at me. i smile back at was alr 5pm.. so we have to go back home. but b4 that we went to bournemouth 1st to see the view there. u know what, Bournemouth is much more better and beautiful place than Poole. the beach was so beautiful. there were lots of people there. we didnt stop by there bcoz we have to go home early to pray. we kinda frustrated because we went to the wrong place. we should go to Bournemouth 1st before Poole because Bournemouth is a very beautiful place compare to Poole. my uncle said that 'its ok, we will go there again next time'.you can see photos here ;

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